Best Things To Do In Costa Rica In November

November, often overlooked as the shoulder season, is an ideal time to explore Costa Rica’s lush landscapes and immerse in its rich culture. But what exactly can you get up to during this month? As many people inquire about “Things to Do in Costa Rica in November,” get ready to dive deep into the heart of this tropical paradise. Hold on tight, because an exciting adventure is coming up!

Introduction to Costa Rican November

Visiting Costa Rica in November? Perfect choice! November marks the transition between the rainy and dry seasons, offering a unique blend of green landscapes with fewer crowds. Ever wondered what Costa Rica holds in this month of change? Let’s dive right in!

Natural Wonders to Explore

Coffee in hand, imagine waking up to the song of birds in a tropical paradise.

Arenal Volcano National Park

Why it’s a Must-See:

The perfect cone shape of Arenal Volcano, which is 5,357 feet tall, commands the skyline. It used to be known for how often it erupted, but now it’s a sign of Costa Rica’s geothermal power. But the volcano isn’t the only thing that brings people to the park. It is also a biological paradise with many different kinds of creatures, green swamps, and attractive waterfalls.


Located in the northern part of Costa Rica, it’s about a 3-hour drive from the capital, San José.

How to Reach:

By Car: From San José, take Route 1 and Route 142 to La Fortuna, the town closest to the park.

By Bus: Buses run regularly from San José to La Fortuna. From La Fortuna, you can hire local taxis or shuttles to the park.

Corcovado National Park

Why it’s a Must-See:

Corcovado is the most important national park in Costa Rica. It protects over 41,788 hectares of lowland tropical jungle. It is home to 2.5% of the world’s species, which is a lot. The park’s natural beauty is shown by the fact that you can see tapirs, jaguars, scarlet macaws, and harpy eagles there.


Situated on the Osa Peninsula in southwestern Costa Rica.

How to Reach:

By Plane: Daily flights from San José to Drake Bay or Puerto Jimenez, followed by a boat or car ride to the park.

By Car: Drive to Puerto Jimenez from San José, and then hire local transportation. However, note that some parts may require 4×4 vehicles, especially in the rainy season.

By Boat: From Drake Bay, boats are available that take visitors straight to the park’s entrances.

Monteverde Cloud Forest Reserve

Why it’s a Must-See:

Monteverde is a magical place where clouds cover everything. With 90% of its land above 1,200 meters, it’s a great place for species that live in the highlands. The area is home to 2.5% of the world’s species, and it’s one of the best places to see the resplendent quetzal, a bird that was important to many Central American tribes in the past.


Located in the mountainous northwest region of Costa Rica, close to the town of Santa Elena.

How to Reach:

By Car: From San José, take the Inter-American Highway towards Puntarenas and then the road to Santa Elena and Monteverde. A 4×4 is recommended due to rough road conditions.

By Bus: Buses run from San José to Santa Elena. From Santa Elena, local taxis and shuttles are available to the reserve.

You can visit more places in Costa Rica.

Cultural Experiences

Ever thought about dancing with locals or savoring a traditional dish? There are several things to do in Costa Rica in November like these.

Coffee Plantation Tours

Why it’s a Must-Experience:

Costa Rica is in the middle of Central America. It has volcanic land, high mountains, and the right weather to grow some of the best coffee beans in the world. These beans, which are mostly of the Arabica type, are known for being smooth and full of flavour. Their flavours can range from fruity and bright to rich and deep.


The coffee farm tours give visitors a close look at the whole process of making coffee. You can see every step of the process, from growing the trees to picking the ripe cherries by hand to grinding, cooking, and brewing. Most of these tours take place in the Central Valley, where coffee is grown because the weather is cool and the land is rich.

How to Participate:

Many farms, from big fields to small farms run by a single family, offer tours. The Doka Estate, Finca Rosa Blanca, and Café Britt are all places that people like to go. People who go on these walks learn a lot and also get to try fresh coffee right from the source. Some farms also have coffee combos and classes for baristas.

Traditional Fiestas

✅ Why it’s a Must-Experience:

Fiestas are lively celebrations that show off the energy, culture, and customs of the people of Costa Rica. These fiestas, or gatherings, often combine native, colonial, and modern elements to show the rich and varied past of the country.

✅ Details:

Most local fiestas include church events, parades, rodeos, music, dancing, and, of course, food. Dances like the Punto Guanacasteco and the Tambito are done, and marimba music is often played in the background. It’s a burst of colour, sound, and movement that sums up the Costa Rican saying “Pura Vida,” which means “pure life.”

✅ How to Participate:

There are fiestas in many towns and cities all year long. In November, however, there may be fairs for local saints, harvest parties, or even unusual events like the Carrera de la Leche, a relay race that honours the dairy industry. People are always welcome to come. You can just show up, join in the celebrations, eat traditional foods like tamales or gallo pinto, and maybe even try a dance or two!

Adventure Activities

Are you an adrenaline junkie? Or simply looking for some excitement? Let’s see if there are any things to do in Costa Rica in November like these.

Surfing in Tamarindo

Tamarindo’s waves beckon surfers of all levels. Whether you’re a pro or a newbie, November’s consistent waves offer an excellent surfing experience.

Ziplining in Monteverde

Fly over the lush forests of Monteverde and experience the landscape from a bird’s-eye view. It’s exhilarating, it’s fun, and yes, it’s safe!

Relaxing Getaways

Seeking some peace and tranquillity? Costa Rica has you covered.

Hot Springs by Arenal

After a day of exploring, what’s better than soaking in natural hot springs with a view of the Arenal Volcano? Nothing, that’s what.

Caribbean Beaches

Imagine white sand, azure waters, and a cocktail in hand. The Caribbean beaches, less crowded in November, are the perfect place to unwind.

Wildlife Encounters

From baby turtles to vibrantly colored birds, November is a wildlife enthusiast’s dream.

Turtle Nesting Season

Head to the beaches and witness the miracle of life. November is the tail end of the turtle nesting season, offering a chance to see baby turtles making their way to the sea.

Birdwatching Tours

Costa Rica, a birdwatcher’s paradise, is home to over 900 bird species. Grab your binoculars and spot exotic species you won’t find anywhere else.

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Final Thoughts: Things To Do In Costa Rica In November

Things to do in Costa Rica in November? It’s a melange of adventure, relaxation, nature, and culture. Whether you’re exploring the dense forests, riding the waves, or simply enjoying a cup of freshly brewed coffee, Costa Rica offers a unique experience that’s hard to match. Pura Vida!


Is November a good month to visit Costa Rica?

Absolutely! It’s a transition month with fewer crowds, making it an ideal time for exploration.

What’s the weather like in November?

November sees a blend of the rainy and dry season, offering cooler temperatures and a lush green landscape.

Can I see the Arenal Volcano erupting in November?

While Arenal is not as active as it once was, the park surrounding it is full of natural wonders worth exploring.

Is it safe to zip line in Monteverde?

Yes, the zip-lining companies follow strict safety guidelines ensuring a thrilling yet safe experience.

Are the Caribbean beaches crowded in November?

No, November tends to be quieter, making it a perfect time for a relaxing beach getaway.

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